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IOS Application Development Course Details

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What is IOS application development?

IOS is a Open Source Operating System which is used to develop the IOS applications like ecommerce apps, News Apps,Educational apps..,etc C++,Swift Programming language is used as a backend for the IOS mobile application development.

IOS Course Content

IOS application Development Course Content

IPhone Application Development



The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK)

1.1 The iPhone Software Development Kit

1.2 Objective-c, Foundation Framework, Cocoa Touch.

1.2.1 Cocoa Touch.

1.2.2 Foundation Framework.

1.2.3 iPhone Frameworks.

1.3  iPhone Limitations.

1.3.1 Memory and processor speed.

1.3.2 Small Screen.

1.3.3 Security.

1.4 iPhone Application Flow.

2.Objective-c Part 1:

2.1 Objective-C Classes and Objects.

2.2 Class Interface and Implementation.

2.3 Variable Declaration and Definition

2.4 Method Declaration and Definition.

2.5 Objective-C [Object Oriented Programming Language].

2.5.1 Object Definition.

2.5.2 Class Definition.

2.5.3 Encapsulation.

2.5.4 Polymorphism.

2.5.5 Inheritance.

2.5.6 Interface.

2.5.7 Overriding Methods.

2.5.8 Overloading Methods

3.Objective-c Part 2:

3.1 Properties.

3.2 synthesize

3.3 Using Categories.

3.4 Using Protocol.

3.4.1 Optional Methods

3.4.2  Required Methods

3.5 Handling Exception

3.6 Understanding id variable, self , delegate.

3.7Memory management.

  1. UIView and UIView Controller:

4.1  The UIView Class.

4.2  The UIView Controller Class.

4.3  IBOutlet and IBAction.

4.4  Varible Declaration .h file

4.5  Method Declaration .m file

4.6 The Application Life cycle methods

  1. Controls Part1:

5.1 UIButton and using button background image.

5.2 UIlable and using background images.

5.3 UITextField using background images.

5.4 UITextview

5.5 UISwitch.

5.6 UISlider.

5.7 UISegmented Controller

5.8 UIImageView.

5.9 UIWebView.

  1. Controls Part2:

6.1 UIActivityIndicatorView.

6.2 UIProgressView.

6.3 UIAlertView.

6.4 UIPicker view Controller.

UIDate Picker view Controller.

  1. SingleView Application and UINavigation Controller:

7.1  Single view Application

7.1.1 One class to Next Class

7.1.2 Using  Present Model view &Dismis Model View

7.2  Navigation Application [Using Story Board]

7.2.1 One class to Next Class

7.2.2 Hides Navigation bar, back button

7.2.3 Adding Left Bar button &Right Bar button

  1. UITableView and UITableViewController:

8.1 UITableViewDelegate.

8.2 UITableViewDataSource.

8.3 Single Table style

8.4 Grouped Table Style.

8.5 Row Selection.

8.6 Adding Image in Table view. 

  1. Audio And Video

9.1 Audio file Playing

9.2 Vedio file Playing 

  1. Tabbar Application.

10.1 No of classes adding.

10.2 Tab bar Items adding.


  1. Animation Application

11.1 Zooming and Zoom out

11.2 Move One Position to another Position

11.3 Dancing Images[like carton]

12 . AddressBook.

  1. Mail Sending.
  2. Property Lists[PList]:
  3. 14.1 Get data
  4. 14.2 Save data 
  1. SQlite Database. [ Data Base ]

15.1 Get Data

15.2 Save data[Insert Data & Delete data];

15.3 Using Data base Querys


  1. Web-Service.

16.1 SOAP Web Service.

16.2 REST Web Service 

  1. XML Parsing.

17.1 String Parsing

17.2 File Parsing[ like .XML file]

  1. Json Parsing.
  2. Core Data.

19.1 Get Data

19.2 Save Data

  1. Auto Layout Application

20.1 portrait Orientation

20.2 Landscape Orientation

  1. GoogleMaps.

21.1 Find Location.

  1. Master Detail App 
  1. Social Network Application

23.1 Facebook Integration

23.1 Ttwitter integration 

  1. App Store Subtion

22.1 IPA File Creation




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